I’ll Cherish You Forever

This was so much fun – I love weddings and the bride was so stunning! We had an opportunity to take some portraits after the ceremony. I am so grateful I got to spend that time with them. Dave and Anna you guys make a perfect couple! Congrats!















Her brothers told her new husband that she was a “good catch”… and then proceeded to pick her up to toss to the Groom to catch!









Don’t Look If You’re Baby Hungry!

If you are baby hungry I really suggest not looking at these pictures! I was so lucky to spend several hours with this handsome little man and his gorgeous mommy. It was so much fun and I LOVE newborns. He was so awesome – awake for the first part of the session and then totally slept so well for us for the rest. He’s perfect!






















Another Beautiful Bride

WOW! I had so much fun with A! She is so gorgeous and is one of those lucky people who can pull off a serious face. She was so beautiful in her dress and the groom had a hard time keeping his eyes off her! They both have such fun personalities, it was fun to see them interacting with each other. Again – I had a hard time narrowing them down! Here are some of my favorites!


Happy Yellow, Sunshine & Balloons

I loved this session! It was so much fun to take her around town and then tromp through the fields. These pictures turned out just perfect! Seniors are so much fun to photograph – it’s was hard narrowing them down! Here are a few of my favorites!


Perfect Weekend

I love this picture… I love her big blue eyes, I love her gaze right at me. Two year old toddlers can be challenging but I love chasing her around trying to capture her personality in pictures. Someday she’ll appreciate them…


Model Casting Call

Casting Call!!!

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Made For Each Other

Oh My! What a fun time we had doing these engagement pictures! I love hanging out with Danny and Anna! They are so fun and I am so happy for them! Aren’t they the perfect match? I love how tiny Anna looks in Danny’s arms! They are so happy together and make such a cute couple! I can’t wait to show you her BRIDALS ~ until then – here’s a  peek into their engagement session!


Perfect Together

Meet Rachel and Josh. Aren’t they so cute together? It was so much fun to spend an evening together with them! The locations were not only beautiful, but had special meaning to them. On their 100th date, they went to the St. George Social Hall and threw 100 pennies into the fountain. How cute is that? It’s quite easy to see how in love they are! Congratulations you guys! I had a hard time narrowing the pictures down!




Beautiful Bride

Kira is so stunning in these pictures! There were even more to choose from and I had a hard time narrowing them down! We were so lucky, it had been pouring rain for three days prior to her session, but that morning dawned beautiful and clear! It got a really cold but they stuck it out and we got some amazing pictures! I love watching new couples together, they are so happy and so in love. I love their genuine smiles and quick glances at each other that convey what words can not.



Colt & Kira

How cute are these two together?! Okay – so I’m a little biased, but they were great and up for anything – even when I told them to stand in the middle of a river in January!  They are very much in love and I am so happy for them! We had so many great pictures it was hard to narrow them down. I LOVE how the sunset picture turned out – one of my absolute favorites!