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McInelly Family

This has to be one of my most favorite sessions ever! This beautiful family was so fun and so beautiful. Poor dad is out numbered with four gorgeous daughters and a beautiful wife. We explored, danced, smiled, laughed and even pulled out the magic phone to capture attention for a moment. Thank you McInelly family for a wonderful time and some beautiful pictures!



Rapunzel Birthday Party

We had a fun ‘Tangled’ themed birthday party here a few months ago. I had so much fun planning it.


The invitation


The decorations and food table





For the painting, I used the mural that Rapunzel painted above the fire place in her tower, I just used a plain poster-board and sketched out my simplified version.


This was our ‘tower’ out of Krispy Kreme  donuts (I think I ate at least 4, I have a severe weakness to donuts.)




Our Menu was:

Krispy Kreme Donut Tower

Vanilla Cupcakes with Flowers (Rapunzel and Flynn are holding cupcakes in the city in one scene)

Tower Kabobs (Ham, String Cheese into Cubes, Colby Jack Cheese Cubes, Strawberries, Grapes, Oranges, and Apples)

Braided Hair Bread Twists

Pretzel Paintbrushes

Boat Ride on the Lake Jell-O Cups

Marshmallow sticks

Cookies (in the shape of the sun and flowers)

Lemonade & Water


Before we ate all the goodies, we played a few games.


We played a fishing game (because of the lake the castle sits on), a toss the bean bags into the tower,  a pin the flower on Rapunzel’s hair game (which we missed), and Duck Duck Goose (came from the “ugly duckling” pub). I also had Tangled playing in the background so the kids who didn’t want to play could watch the movie.






Valentine’s Mini Session {Woodbridge, VA Children’s Photographer}

Here is our February “Session.” It has been fun to come up with ideas that are based on a theme instead of just capturing a traditional portrait. Although, there are plenty portraits here, it’s still fun to make them unique and different. For valentine’s she wanted this huge heart sucker, and I couldn’t say no. :) We had fun, but it was very overcast day so the lighting wasn’t the best. I should have waited, but she was looking forward to her lollipop!




Max {Woodbridge, VA Newborn Photographer}

Meet Mr. Max. His mama is a good friend of mine, who also happens to be a photographer. When she had Max about a month ago I asked if I could take a few pictures for fun. It was my first time setting everything up with my studio equipment. Max was awesome, and we got some great pictures. Thanks Penny for letting me practice and coming over so I could hold Max for three hours! :)


Boden Family {Woodbridge, VA Newborn Photographer}

Meet beautiful baby Rachel. I was really excited when her mom called me. I think taking newborn pictures is one of my most favorite pictures to capture. Newborns are also very challenging, but the pictures are so priceless because they grow so fast. Miss Rachel looked like a little doll, she was so sweet, and has three older siblings who all love her a ton!




Snow Day {Woodbridge, VA Children’s Photographer}

Just a few pictures that I captured a few months back after a snow storm passed through. I LOVE these snow pictures, it was just the perfect amount of snow. We had so much fun playing in the snow and then warming up with a mug of hot cocoa after.








Rust Family {Woodbridge, VA Family Photographer}

This was such a FUN session! Not only is this family just down right beautiful, but we had so many things to play and do. They truly just played and I just followed them around. They seriously have the most adorable kids. We had a lot of fun and I really loved how their pictures turned out.


Wilde Family {Woodbridge, VA Family Photographer}

I am SO SO SO grateful and happy that the Wilde family lives so close by. They have become such great friends, and I was ecstatic  when they asked me to do some family pictures of them.  But, you want to know the best part… their little boy is going to be a big brother! I can’t wait to show you her Newborn pictures when their little one comes! For now, enjoy some more autumn leaves and an adorable family!



I thought we were going to have an easy time with pictures for this round, especially since their little guy knows me. Uh – not going to happen. He was NOT in a picture taking kind of mood – there were plenty of  these pictures, and I just love this one – even though he wasn’t happy, it still makes me smile. It’s a true depiction of life behind the scenes sometimes.



Lutz Family {Woodbridge, VA Family Photographer}

What a wonderful time of year autumn is – and I had the opportunity to take some pictures of this amazing family. They have become some great friends too! We went for a quick shoot – to get an updated family picture, but I couldn’t resist taking a few of their adorable kids.



Arnold Family {Woodbridge, VA Family Photographer}

Meet this adorable family! They were so fun to follow around and hang out with. Their little girl was a doll and so shy at first, but she got much more comfortable as we explored the park. Thank you Arnold family for a wonderful time in the fall leaves!