What You Do Speaks So Loud…

My Mom needed some help with a handout for an upcoming Stake Leadership Training for all the Young Women Presidencies in her Stake. She found this quote:

“What you do speaks so loud, I cannot hear what you say.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

As part of her talk – she’s going to do a great object lesson.  As she gives her talk, she’s going to remove her jacket, take off her necklace, take off her earrings, take off her shoes, and any other extra layers she can manage to wear (like a belt, bracelet, maybe even nylons.)  All the while giving her talk without any mention of what she is doing until the very end, and then she say something like: “You probably won’t remember a word I said by the time you get home, but you will never forget what I did.  Actions speak louder than words.”

So here are a bunch of different ideas we came up with for the handout:



Handout#3After lots of refinement, we came up with this final version:


We thought that the quote was best with a simple font and capital letters. Easy to read, and will look great on a fridge or by a phone. Hopefully to remind the leaders that their young women are watching what they do and what they do says more than what they actually say. It’s a good thought for all of us…

Warm Fuzzy Handout Lesson: What Have I Done For Someone Today?

I taught last Sunday for Relief Society. This month’s lesson was from the October 2009 Conference Ensign: What Have I Done For Someone Today? From President Thomas S. Monson.  President Monson’s talk centered on service. He mentioned that last year someone asked him what his ideal birthday gift would be. His answer was for everyone to serve each other. Many youth and children across the world did just that. To report back they had “Warm Fuzzy” Jars that they filled with tiny fuzzy pom pom’s. (I think that’s what they are called…) So, to help with my handout and lesson – I made Warm Fuzzy Seed Packets – to plant the seeds of service in the sister’s hearts! I actually found this adorable idea from Linda at VisitingTeaching.Net. I loved the idea – I just wanted to recreate and re-size it for me! Here’s my version – feel free to use it for anything you need!

Warm Fuzzy Jar Seed Packet

I also found this great poem that went perfectly with the lesson too. I got it from Sugardoodle.net:

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody Poem

First Photo Book

My Daughter’s First Year Birthday Book got here! Hooray! I have to say that I absolutely love how it turned out! It was cute looking at all the pages on my computer and such a great feeling to have her first year scrapbooked…but it was even better to actually hold the book in my hands and look through the pages. Everything was perfect! The book itself feels like a high quality book -thick pages, great colors, etc. I used ArtsCow.com to print. They have great stuff at the best prices I’ve been able to find online. My daughter loves to look through all the pages too!

Poulton Photography Promotion Products

Another fun project that my mom taught me – we painted shirts. We used her Cricut and a program called Sure-Cuts-A-Lot (which allows you to use any font or graphic on you computer to be cut out on your Cricut as long as you have one cartridge plugged in. It’s awesome! So worth it and makes it so you don’t have to buy the expensive cartridges. You just use whatever font you want on your computer!)

We used it to make some shirts for my photography business  – Poulton Photography:

What you need is a cricut, the program, and some contact paper (the stuff you use to line your shelves – it’s cheaper then vinyl.) Design and cut out your words. You will need some transfer paper for easier placement – especially with small pieces and the center of certain letters.

As you are done cutting out the project, you will actually pull out the letters leaving an outline of the word or picture. Apply transfer paper across contact paper and place sticky side down on shirt or whatever you want.

Slowly remove the transfer paper and your set to paint. We used regular craft paint (like the kind you get at Walmart.) We experimented with different brushes, and fabrics. Foam brushes work the best and cause the least amount of bleeding. We actually bought a huge foam sponge and cut it up into tiny cubes – it was much cheaper than buying the brushes and we could just throw them away when we were done.

Regular cotton fabric works the best – like a plain t-shirt. I tried a polo and it had a different texture on the fabric and didn’t work out so well… We also tried it out on a vinyl bag – the paint took several coats and it was quite difficult to keep the contact paper sticking.

Happy Crafting!


Get a Grip Charms & Card – Free Download

First off, my mom is the Young Women’s Stake President and is helping to plan her stake girls camp. As part of their theme – Get a Grip (Hold to the Iron Rod) – they are giving the girls this charm. She bought them online from charmingldsgifts.com I put the rings on each charm. I also designed the ‘card’ that I stapled the charms to. There were over 300 charms total! It was actually really fun and I had a fun time designing everything. My mom is my best design client. 🙂

Picture Package16perPage