Self Binding Blanket Tutorial

Self Binding Blanket Tutorial

These are my favorite blankets for babies, either to wrap them up, cover a carseat, or give as a gift. You will need the following:

  • 1 yard fabric – inside panel*
  • 1 ½ yards fabric – outside fabric*
  • Sewing notions

*I like to buy a little extra of each fabric to make either extra blankets, burp cloths, baby shoes, or make an outfit, etc.

I always square my fabric before I make any major cuts. You can make this blanket any size as long as there is a 10 inch difference between the fabric squares.

You will cut one 34 inch square for your inside panel and for the outside panel you will cut a 44 inch square. Take one square at a time and find the center of each side and mark with a pin. Do this with both pieces of fabric, then line up the pins and pin both fabrics with right sides together.

Pick one side of your blanket to make the opening – by placing two pins on each side of the center mark approximately 5-6 inches apart (basically wide enough for you to turn the blanket inside out.)

Start sewing from the center pin (any side will work) toward the edge of the blanket. Once you reach the end of the shorter piece of fabric (the inside panel) leave ¼ inch and backstitch. This will allow for the corner to meet together and form the seam without any puckers.

Don’t worry if it looks a little funny – I promise it will work out just keep sewing all the sides together. Don’t forget to leave the opening for turning the blanket!

This is what a finished corner will look like once you have sewed both sides together. It will not want to lay flat. Keep sewing all the sides together. (By the way, Crazy Bread tastes really good at midnight…)

You’re almost finished! See the opening at the top of my blanket? The next steps are what make that mitered corner – it really is quite easy.

Take a corner of your blanket and the two sides of the blanket to match them up with your ‘smaller’ square on the inside. It might involve shaking the fabric to lay flat.  You are going to make a triangle. In this picture the outside ‘sewn’ edges are under my arm and the middle of blanket is facing out. You will then fold the corner of the blanket down to form a triangle until the sides match up. I use a pencil to draw a line from where my ring finger is to my pointer finger. This is the line you will sew along to finish the corner of the blanket.

Once you’ve sewn on the line you will cut the extra fabric away. Leave at least ¼ inch seam allowance. You can see towards the top of the picture the inside fabric. After you have sewn all your corners turn your blanket inside out. You will need to push the corners out a little with either your finger, scissors, or a pencil.


See – a perfect mitered corner! Because the fabric on the back panel is 10 inches larger it makes a great binding around the inside panel. Only a few more steps to go!

Iron your blanket flat and then top stitch along the seam between the two fabrics so your opening (at the bottom of the picture) is sewn shut! Ta da! You’re finished with a simple self binding blanket!


However, if you decide you want to make the blanket something different – you can always turn it into a scalloped edge!

So after you a finished your corners – instead of turning it inside out iron it flat with right sides together.

The size of your blanket will determine the size of the scalloped edge. We made a template out of a piece of paper and kept resizing it until we liked the look and size. Once you have your template finalized – trace it along the outside edge.

This will be your sewing line – stitch along the line. Just make sure that your scallops don’t go to close to the seam where your two fabrics touch.

We cut away from the back fabric AFTER we sewed it. This is a personal preference, you could always clip the curves instead.

Once your scallop is sewn and clipped, then right side it out and iron it again. You will have to really shake the fabric hard to get the scallops mostly out or you can use your hand, scissors, or a pencil to poke each scallop out in the right direction. Iron it flat and use a top stitch to sew the opening shut as well as top stitching along the scallop to finish your blanket!

You’re done! A beautiful receiving blanket!

Click here to download a PDF of the tutorial.

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