Rapunzel Birthday Party

We had a fun ‘Tangled’ themed birthday party here a few months ago. I had so much fun planning it.


The invitation – I have templates if anyone wants them.


The decorations and food table





For the painting, I used the mural that Rapunzel painted above the fire place in her tower, I just used a plain poster-board and sketched out my simplified version.


This was our ‘tower’ out of Krispy Kreme  donuts (I think I ate at least 4, I have a severe weakness to donuts.)




Our Menu was:

Krispy Kreme Donut Tower

Vanilla Cupcakes with Flowers (Rapunzel and Flynn are holding cupcakes in the city in one scene)

Tower Kabobs (Ham, String Cheese into Cubes, Colby Jack Cheese Cubes, Strawberries, Grapes, Oranges, and Apples)

Braided Hair Bread Twists

Pretzel Paintbrushes

Boat Ride on the Lake Jell-O Cups

Marshmallow sticks

Cookies (in the shape of the sun and flowers)

Lemonade & Water


Before we ate all the goodies, we played a few games.


We played a fishing game (because of the lake the castle sits on), a toss the bean bags into the tower,  a pin the flower on Rapunzel’s hair game (which we missed), and Duck Duck Goose (came from the “ugly duckling” pub). I also had Tangled playing in the background so the kids who didn’t want to play could watch the movie.




Redecorating Family Room: Pillows

I’m on a project kick I mean creative stroke of genius. I’m actually finishing my projects too! I have been dying to recover the pillows in our front room – they were looking really…uummm…how to say it politely – disgusting.

See –

You can’t really tell (because I’ve tucked and placed them oh so neatly on my couch) but they are literally falling apart.

Here’s my new pillows – I didn’t recover them… I just made new ones!

To make the blue gathered pillows you will need: 1 – 14″ square of fabric (preferably something that will gather nicely), 1 – 12″ square of fabric, 13+ Plastic Pearls, Stuffing, Needle and Thread.

Take the 14″ square of fabric and mark out the gathered pattern. (I just guessed as I went a long – next time I will definitely mark on the fabric where the gather will be.)  The reason it’s slightly larger is that by the time you are done gathering the two pieces will be about the same size. Now you will need the pearls, needle, and thread. Pinch the fabric with your fingers on the underside and place pearl in the gather on the front. Sew pearl and gather together with a few stitches. Once you’ve sew all your gathers. Sew front sides together of both pieces of fabric, inside out and stuff. Make sure you back stitch around the opening you leave for stuffing the pillow. Stuff and sew shut! Voila! Really easy and really classy!

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Talk About it Tuesday

I also found this fabulous mirror to complete part of my front room design – $25 @ Ross! Awesome deal! I repainted the small frame blue to match the accent color of the pillows.