We Won – We Won Beacon!

I am so excited – my little sister just won The Professional Beauty Association Beacon Competition! Out of 600 applicants 100 are chosen based on the presentation and content of their resume, portfolio, and marketing pieces submitted to the competition.

Beacon is a part of PBA Beauty Week which held in cooperation with PBA Symposium, the North American Hairstyling Awards and Cosmoprof North America.  She will get to meet some amazing hair professionals, learn some great stuff, enjoy VIP front row seats during the award ceremonies, and gets to go on a guided tour through the largest international hair trade show.

I got to help her with some of her marketing stuff. She came up with everything, I just helped her out. First off, a menu of all her prices for her salon someday…


We designed a shirt with her salon’s logo going down the side. She actually got shirts designed just like this.


Finally, everything together, menu, shirt, and of course some business cards.

Preview copy

Congratulations Kira!

One thought on “We Won – We Won Beacon!

  1. How great!!! Congratulations to Kira.

    How funny! I live in a tiny tiny town in SW Kansas and the salon I go to is named Heads Up. LOL


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