What You Do Speaks So Loud…

My Mom needed some help with a handout for an upcoming Stake Leadership Training for all the Young Women Presidencies in her Stake. She found this quote:

“What you do speaks so loud, I cannot hear what you say.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

As part of her talk – she’s going to do a great object lesson.  As she gives her talk, she’s going to remove her jacket, take off her necklace, take off her earrings, take off her shoes, and any other extra layers she can manage to wear (like a belt, bracelet, maybe even nylons.)  All the while giving her talk without any mention of what she is doing until the very end, and then she say something like: “You probably won’t remember a word I said by the time you get home, but you will never forget what I did.  Actions speak louder than words.”

So here are a bunch of different ideas we came up with for the handout:



Handout#3After lots of refinement, we came up with this final version:


We thought that the quote was best with a simple font and capital letters. Easy to read, and will look great on a fridge or by a phone. Hopefully to remind the leaders that their young women are watching what they do and what they do says more than what they actually say. It’s a good thought for all of us…