More Example Code SparkFun Robotic Arm

February 23, 2013
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I have continued to tweak the code for the robot demo. I call this code Robot Instructions. It allows me to call two different functions. The first function moves the arm very quickly and the second function moves the arm slowly. This is for the Arudino Uno with a three servo robotic arm sold from […]


Example Code SparkFun Robotic Arm

February 23, 2013
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Here is some more example code for a 3 servo arm. I call this the robot demo. It simply moves the robot around slowly. /* Robot demo */ #include // servo library Servo servo1; //base-pan Servo servo2; //arm-tilt Servo servo3; //claw int posf1 = 140; //pan int posf2 = 90; int posf3 = 90; void […]


How To Assemble and Code the SparkFun Robotic Claw with Pan and Tilt for Beginners

February 22, 2013
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For Christmas 2012 I got the SparkFun Robotic Arm. I was unable to find any beginners guides that encompassed the full assembly and code. Here is my attempt. As a warning, I have no background experience in Arduino or electronics. Be sure to read the SparkFun product guides to know what additional equipment needs to be purchased. My build was […]


Python 3.2 Tkinter GUI Beginners Example Code

February 2, 2013

UPDATED (2/2/2013) This example is now working. I had to add a sequence to the bind statements. Have you ever wanted to add a simple GUI to an excellent python script without installing any additional modules? Here is some basic example code to help you. When I started I wanted a GUI solution that would […]