Security Operations Center

April 8, 2010

At work, a coworker and I have been setting up a mini security operations center. I call it a mini because it is really just a Snort and Nagios installation. We started with a basic Snort installation and added Base and Barnyard. Base is not very fun to look at so we added Snoge, which is a way to output the originating location of network attacks to Google Earth. As you can see from the picture, the Snoge / Google Earth combination is much more enjoyable to look at. Another coworker then added Nagios to monitor uptime of our web servers. It was a fun project and introduced me to snort and how much fun it can be. I am continuing to work on tuning the installation of Snort to reduce false positives.

Google Earth



UPDATE: I have been asked to post the documentation that I followed. Here are the links:

I believe the setup guides have how-tos for most Linux distributions in PDF format.

For Snoge, I used the documentation on the website. Installing the Perl modules was new to me and I was able to do that by using cpan. If you have specific questions on the installation please leave a comment.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in your documentation if available (especially if it’s on Debian, is it ?) and how to you maintain the IDS rules, snoge, and snort too.. from what : repository ? sources ?

    Can i see your installation doc or give me some details if possible ?

    Thanks in advance!

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