Fun with Steganography Update

October 8, 2009

Last time I posted about steganography it didn’t work out very well. I only found free programs¬† that could handle .gif and .bmp files. Thanks to some additional googling I was able to find a free steganography program that handled .jpeg files. It is old, but it works. The name of it is 1-2- Free Steganography 2.1. I downloaded it from The program is simple to navigate, it will encrypt the file before it is hidden, and it will assign a password to the file, three nice features. Here is a image with a message hidden in it:

With a hidden message

Image with a hidden message

I encrypted this message with the Blowfish / CBC algorithm. To decrypt the message download the program and use the password 123 to see what file and message I have attached to this picture.  Have Fun!

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